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Frequently Asked Questions: Summer at Georgetown 2014

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Updated March 2014

Accommodations & Rates
What type of housing is offered for Georgetown Students and Interns?

We are no longer accepting applications for Georgetown Students/Interns housing.

What type of housing is offered for non-Georgetown Student (Non-GU) Interns?

We are no longer accepting applications for Non-GU Interns.

What type of housing is offered for EFL Students?

We are no longer accepting applications for EFL Students.

What type of housing is offered for GSMI Students?

Housing is no longer available for GSMI students.

What are the move-in and move-out times?

Move-in begins at 2:00 p.m. Move-out is by 10:00 a.m.

Is it all on-campus housing?

All housing available at Georgetown University during the summer is considered on-campus housing, including University townhouses.

Is it possible to have a single room?

Single rooms are not available for reservation. If an apartment happens to have a single room, students decide amongst themselves how they would like to assign space.

What if I require special housing consideration?

Please refer all medical housing requests (including returning students) to the Academic Resource Center at The deadline for first consideration is April 8, 2015.

Am I allowed to choose my accommodation or room?

It is not possible to choose a specific apartment, townhouse, or residence hall. All spaces for summer housing are pre-determined, and assignment is based on availability. The size of residence hall rooms and the individual sleeping rooms within an apartment/townhouse may vary and are not pre-assigned. A sleeping room within an apartment/townhouse is selected on a first-come, first-served basis as residents arrive.

It is possible to request a roommate if that roommate is applying for the same dates of stay as you, and is of the same gender. For example, Full Summer students may not live with students applying for Summer Session I or II.

Is it possible to rent monthly or weekly?

It is not possible to rent monthly, or daily. Housing for summer academic programs is based on the dates of that particular program and the accommodations offered may vary. The exception is the weekly rate for non-Georgetown University interns. However, one must purchase at least three weeks of housing to be provided housing. Applicants must pay for the entire housing period even if they do not plan to occupy the space for the entire period offered.

Is it possible to extend my contracted move-in/move-out dates?

Because of May Transition Housing for Georgetown students, commencement housing, alumni reunion weekend, and ongoing projects to prepare for fall occupancy, we cannot extend dates beyond what is offered.

Students with an on-campus assignment for the spring semester may sign up for May Transition Housing or Pre-Session housing to ensure continuous housing from the end of the spring semester to the start of the summer. Similarly, students with an on-campus assignment for the Fall 2015 Semester may sign up for May/August Transition Housing to ensure continuous housing from the end of the summer to the start of the fall semester.

When are the move-in and move-out dates?

See the above section for move-in and move-out dates for the type of housing you are interested in.

Do I have to occupy the residence for the entire contracted term?

You may arrive or depart anytime during the contracted period. However, you are still financially responsible for the contracted period on the Occupancy Agreement. Please email if you are arriving later than the check-in date so we know to hold the space.

Application Process
How do I apply for summer housing?

Visit our housing web site, to complete an online application and pay with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). Summer school students may have their housing charges placed on their student account. Applications must be made online.

When is the deadline to apply for summer housing?

Summer housing applications close either two weeks prior to the start of a program, or when space is filled, whichever comes first.

May I fax my application to your office?

Occupancy Agreements and payments are processed online.

How do you sign up with a friend?

You may request to live with specific individuals in double occupancy rooms/apartments/townhouses. The Office of Summer and Conference Housing reserves the right NOT to honor these requests based on one of the following criteria: both students did not request to live together; students have applied for summer housing with different move-in/move-out dates; if one student requests to live with another student after a particular apartment/townhouse has been filled because internal assignments have been made and building assignment information has already been mailed to the students.

Each person must submit their own application for summer housing.

Can I choose my own roommate?

You may request to live with specific individuals, though each person must submit their own application for summer housing. The Office of Residential Living, Summer Programs will make every effort to honor these requests, but there is no guarantee. Typically, past reasons for not honoring roommate requests have included: assignments have been made and mailed out at the time of the request; two people in different programs have requested to live together; one person has requested not to live with someone who has requested to live with them.

When will I receive my room assignment?

We will make every effort to confirm your assignment on campus within four weeks of your arrival date. You will receive information regarding your building assignment (not your room assignment), check-in information, and the names of any of your roommates who have authorized the disclosure of their contact information. You will receive your actual room assignment, telephone number, and mailbox address when you arrive to campus. We will not provide room assignments, telephone numbers, and mailbox addresses prior to arrival.

If I apply for housing, and then cancel my application, is my money refundable?

You are required to submit full payment with your online summer housing application.

You forfeit 20% of the TOTAL CHARGES if your written cancellation arrives in the Office of Residential Living by 5:00 pm on March 27, 2015.

You forfeit 50% of the TOTAL CHARGES if your written cancellation arrives in the Office of Residential Living after 5:00 pm March 27, 2015 until 24 hours before your scheduled arrival date.

Any cancellation after the contract start date or "no-show" will result in full forfeiture of all fees.

What if I do not like my housing assignment once I arrive?

If you are dissatisfied with your housing assignment once you arrive, please visit our office in 100 Harbin Hall so a staff member can discuss options and provide alternatives to the particular problems you are having. Our office is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm and on Saturday and Sunday, from 10am – 6pm. Refunds are only given in the case of a personal medical situation documented by a physician, or cancellation by the University of summer school courses.

Do students taking classes live with students who are working during the summer?

Housing assignments are made by the category. However, many students choose to take classes and have and internships/jobs. Thus, some students taking classes may live with students who are working and/or taking classes during the summer.

Is it possible for a Georgetown student to live with a non-Georgetown student?

It is not possible for a Georgetown student to live with a non-Georgetown student. Only students who are staying on campus for the same time period can be placed together.

Can I change roommates if things haven't worked out well?

Students who do not request a roommate by name are randomly assigned, based on best-available matches of self-reported sleeping and neatness habits. Students are encouraged to resolve their differences among themselves, but if necessary, there is a mediator available to help them work through their dispute. If differences cannot be resolved, a room change can be approved based upon availability of space. If students cannot resolve their dispute and there is no space to make a room change resulting in one or more student moving off campus, payment will not be refunded.

Can I room with someone of the opposite gender?

Students of the opposite gender cannot be housed together in the same room or apartment space. However, residence halls generally have mixed gender floors, with designated single-sex bathrooms.

Campus Living
How do I get downtown? How long will it take?

Georgetown is a short distance from the downtown DC area via public or campus transportation. You can walk to the nearest metro stops in Rosslyn, VA (orange and blue lines), Foggy Bottom (orange and blue lines), or Dupont Circle (red line) in about twenty minutes. There are also metro bus stops located at the front gates of the University and at the Hospital Entrance on Reservoir Road. More information regarding public transportation can be found at More information about campus transportation options can be found at

Can I bring a car?

On-campus parking is not available to summer residents.

How can I learn more about the area?

Please visit the Summer Living Resource Guide on this website.

Is there a gym?

Yates Field House is available to students who live on campus during the summer. This facility offers a pool, free and machine weights, an indoor track, and indoor tennis courts, among many other options. Learn more at

What kinds of safety measures are there on-campus?

Although the campus is reasonably safe, it is in a semi-urban area and safety has to be a combined effort of staff and residents.

Georgetown has officers patrolling campus who respond to emergencies. Emergency call boxes responded to by the GU Police Department, are strategically placed throughout the campus. The entrance door into the lobby of all residence halls is locked, and there is a 24-hour attendant. Entrance doors are locked where there are hallways into apartment complexes.

It is the responsibility of the residents to lock their rooms/apartment entrance door when they are in the room/apartment or when they depart. If a room/apartment key is lost it should be reported immediately to the Office of Residential Living, so that the locks can be changed. Residents should not prop open public entrance doors.

The Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS) is on call to respond to medical emergencies and the hospital is located on campus.

Can I eat in the dining hall?

To learn more about summer dining options, please visit

Can I live in university housing without purchasing a meal plan?

Room agreements and board contracts are separate.

Do you have to take classes or have an internship to stay on campus this summer?

To stay on campus, you must have an internship (GU students only), hold a summer job (GU students only), or be enrolled in summer school classes. For tax purposes, our office does verify that summer school students are actually enrolled at the University for credited summer school classes.

Is it possible for student to have their belongings shipped to their summer residence? And if so, what is the process?

Yes. Once you receive your building assignment letter, you will receive shipping information.

Does the University require that students carry health insurance?

Although we do not require residents to carry medical insurance, it is highly recommended.

Will my belongings be covered if stolen or damaged?

Neither Georgetown University nor the Office of Residential Living will reimburse students for any loss or damage to their personal belonging. Students are advised to carry homeowner's or renter's insurance to cover their belongings while they are at the University.

Can I sublease or rent out the space in my apartment?

Only residents who have paid the Office of Residential Living may occupy residential space. If a non-paying resident is reported, this resident will be required to pay for the full summer, or both residents will be dismissed from campus housing immediately.

Subletting is prohibited.

Furniture cannot be removed from any residence hall room or apartment.

Members of the University staff may enter a resident's room or apartment for administrative purposes such as, but not limited to, facility maintenance and repairs including painting, furniture delivery, removal or care of furniture, inventory, occupancy, maintenance and safety inspections, and general housekeeping.

For On-Campus Housing Inquiries:
Office of Residential Living
100 Harbin HallBox 571117Washington, DC 20057Phone: (202) 687.4560Fax: (202)

For Off-Campus Housing Inquiries:
Office of Neighborhood Life
1300 36th Street NWWashington, DC 20007Phone: (202)