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New Student Housing
(for First Year & Transfer Students)

  • Living Preference Questionnaire (LPQ) & Campus Housing Roommate Matching System (CHARMS)
    • 2015 New Student Housing Timeline:
      • 5/12 - LPQ begins
      • 6/9 - CHARMS begins
      • 6/30 - CHARMS ends
      • 7/11 - Deadline for Transfer students to complete LPQ
      • week of August 5 -students notified of assignments (and roommates, if not matched through CHARMS)
    • CHARMS
    • The CHARMS process runs from June 9 through June 30. If you choose not to participate in this process, the Housing Office will match you up based on your Living Preferences.
    • CHARMS detailed instructions

  • On campus housing is available to full-time undergraduate students. All first year students (freshmen, sophomore and junior transfer students) and sophomores are required to live on campus. Students meeting exemption requirements must submit the exemption form by the deadline.

    Applying for Housing

    First year students (freshmen, sophomore and junior transfer students) will be contacted by Housing Services with instructions on the housing selection process in May. All incoming students will be asked to fill out a Living Preference Questionnaire (LPQ). The LPQ will be used to assist in matching roommates.

    Students not required to live on campus may request housing by calling Housing Services at (202) 687-4560 or emailing

    Freshmen Housing

    Freshmen Housing Assignments

    Students cannot request a residence hall or specific room. Room assignments are made randomly. Students with medical needs for specific housing must contact the Academic Resource Center, 202-687-8354. Room assignments are available in early August.

    Freshmen Roommate Matching

    Freshmen may select a roommate by either participating in CHARMS (Campus Housing Roommate Matching System) or being matched based on responses to the Living Preference Questionnaire. CHARMS is a roommate matching program for first year students. Students using CHARMS can search other students using criteria from the LPQ, complete an exact match or if she/he knows another student they would like to be roommates with, they can enter each other's netid.

    Learn more about CHARMS here

    Students who choose not to participate in CHARMS will be matched according to their responses on the LPQ.

    Freshmen Residences

    All freshmen are housed in first year residence halls. The first year halls are Darnall, Harbin, New South, Village C West and several floors of Village C East. Most rooms are double occupancy. There are a limited number of triple and quad rooms assigned to for freshmen. Single rooms are not available to freshmen and sophomore students. Freshmen are not assigned to apartments or with upperclass roommates, unless the student elects to live in a Living Learning Community housed in an upperclass residence area.

    For move in information, click here

    Transfer Student Housing

    Transfer Student Assignments

    All sophomore and junior transfer students are required to live on campus unless they meet one of the exemption requirements. Transfer students are assigned to housing throughout campus, typically with other students of similar age and class year. Transfer students are not housed with freshmen. Our office does not accommodate requests for specific residential area or room. The Housing Office also offers a Transfer Roommate Program that allows returning students to apply for a transfer roommate. Students with medical needs for specific housing must contact the Academic Resource Center , 202-687-8354. Room assignments are available in early August.

    Transfer Roommate Matching

    Transfer students should fill out a Living Preference Questionnaire (LPQ). The Housing Office gathers living preferences questionnaires from the current on-campus Georgetown students that have vacancies in their residences. Comparing the responses gathered from current students with each transfer's LPQ is vital in helping the Housing Services staff best match roommates and assign rooms. If a transfer student wants to specifically name another transfer student as a roommate or submit a general request to room with another transfer student, he or she needs to indicate that request in the comments section of the LPQ. Students must request one another in order to be assigned a room together.

    Transfer Residences

    Most residence hall space is double occupancy, however some triple rooms are also available. Apartment and townhouses occupancy is typically 4-5 residents, however, there are some that house as many as eight students. Single rooms are only available for juniors and seniors. Junior transfer students may request to be added to the wait list for single rooms by contacting the Housing Office for more information. Only juniors and seniors are permitted to live in University owned townhouses.

    For move in information, click here

    More Information

For On-Campus Housing Inquiries:
Office of Residential Living
100 Harbin HallBox 571117Washington, DC 20057Phone: (202) 687.4560Fax: (202)

For Off-Campus Housing Inquiries:
Office of Neighborhood Life
1300 36th Street NWWashington, DC 20007Phone: (202)