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CHARMS Detailed Instructions - Invite

Time is running out, the deadline is approaching!
CHARMS will close at 9:00 am Eastern, Tuesday, July 1.
Register your roommate selection before that time!
There are plenty of potential roommates still available.
At any time, you can invite another student to be your roommate. It is not necessary that you have exchanged messages with that student, although it is strongly advised that you do so.

Extend an invitation to a student by clicking on the link at the bottom of the message room page:

You will see a confirmation page outlining the terms of the invitation:

Click on the link, and the invitation will be sent.

You will see the invitation in the middle pane on the GUSH main page:

If at any time, you wish to withdraw your invitation, just click on the "withdraw this invitation" link. You will see a confirmation page:

Click on the link, and the student will be notified the invitation has been withdrawn. Note: when an invitation is accepted, all pending invitations for both students in the roommate pair are voided, so you do not need to explicitly withdraw other invitations you have extended before accepting an invitation.

Students are notified of invitations via email:

Following the link in the email will bring you to the message room between you and the sender, where you can review the profile and the message history:

You can decline any invitation by clicking on the appropriate link on either the message room page or the CHARMS main page:

Confirming by clicking on the link will notify the other student that the invitation has been declined.

To accept an invitation, just click on the Accept link.

Note that accepting an invitation is final, and cannot be undone. Accepting an invitation will record you and the other student as roommates, and will automatically cancel any other open invitations either student has extended or received.

When you confirm that you want to accept, you will see the name and email address of your roommate. The two of you can communicate further at your leisure.

The other student will receive an email that the roommate pair has been formed:

That's it! You're done with CHARMS! You will receive your housing assignment around the first week of August.

For On-Campus Housing Inquiries:
Office of Residential Living
100 Harbin HallBox 571117Washington, DC 20057Phone: (202) 687.4560Fax: (202)

For Off-Campus Housing Inquiries:
Office of Neighborhood Life
1300 36th Street NWWashington, DC 20007Phone: (202)